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A Special Project is an undertaking of construction work designed to develop a natural resource that satisfies the specific requirements of our client. In a Special Project FIXTEAM establishes a uniquely tailored regime to the specific requirements of our client’s project.
Whatever the medium, colour, material or style, we are well equipped to bring to life, whatever special project is conceived in our client’s imagination.


FIXTEAM Building Constructions Limited has been in operation in Canada since 2001. It is one of the fastest, dynamic, architectural, building and home renovation companies in Canada and handle every project with precision, diligence, and a high sense of professionalism.


That FIXTEAM be counted as one of the best contractors in the industry by using the highest industry standards as a benchmark for engaging in professional relationship with our clients, and delivering expected quality services with utmost honesty, efficiency and integrity at a very affordable rate.


To establish FIXTEAM as a company comprised of a team of forward out-of-the-box thinking building industry professionals, with Innovative solutions for different needs, styles, tastes and desires.


We are proud to present you our latest projects that have behind
a great team and hard work, but very satisfied clients.